Radiant Heat Barriers

IKE’S Air Conditioning also installs radiant heat barriers to lower your energy costs. Our Home Energy’s Radiant Heat Barriers are installed underneath your roof. This will result in less heating loss in the winter months or cooling loss during the summer months.

What is a Radiant Heat Barrier?

radiant_heat_barrier_san_antonioRadiant heat barriers are your home’s first line of defense against heat transfer, along with the attic, which provides a second form of defense. When the sun hits your roof, its radiant energy causes your roofing materials to heat up. Most of this heat flows through your roof into the underside, which is the attic side of your roof. This heat will then radiate towards cooler attic surfaces, including the attic floor and the air duct system. A radiant heat barrier is designed to reduce the amount of heat that transfers from the underside of the roof to other areas of the attic.

Advantages of Radiant Heat Barriers:

  • Low Emissivity / High Reflectivity
  • Permeable (do not trap moisture within the barrier)
  • Professionally installed using airless or air atomization spray
  • Do not block cellular or antenna signals
  • Normally save 8-12% of AC costs
  • Improve comfort level in your home
  • Improve the efficiency of your existing insulation
  • Economical way to retrofit a radiant barrier to existing structures
  • Increase the value of your home

Our uniquely designed HeatBloc-Ultra radiant barriers will efficiently radiate heat in your home resulting in lower energy costs.  Our customers find that Heatbloc-Ultra barriers are the most effective at an affordable price. CALL (210) 680-1234 or Click Here to schedule a radiant heat barrier service.