Proffesional Insulation San Antonio

IKE’S Air Conditioning is a certified installer of home insulation in San Antonio. We are your one-stop for all your heating and cooling needs. You will receive the same friendly and high-quality service that we provide with our heating & air conditioning services from our insulation department in San Antonio.

Attic Insulation Basics

Insulation San AntonioOur insulation service in San Antonio is a full service approach in which we make a holistic evaluation of your home. Our knowledgeable professionals will:

  • Evaluate the amount and depth of insulation that you currently have in your home.
  • Measure the square footage of your attic area.
  • Take a look at both your intake and exhaust ventilation.
  • Detect any areas of heat loss or insulation inadequacies.

Our thorough evaluation is part of our commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of quality in all of our services. We take great pride in our exceptional customer service and knowledgeable team. IKE’S Air is dedicated to obtain your 100% total satisfaction.

Not sure if your home can benefit from our insulation services?

A quick way to find out if you need more insulation is to look across your uncovered attic floor. If your insulation is at the same level or below the attic floor joists, you probably need to add more insulation.


Over time, investing in additional attic insulation will pay for itself by cutting your energy bills by 20-30% and will save you up to 10% of your total annual energy expense. Give IKE’S a call to receive more information on attic insulation or request an insulation service appointment in San Antonio.

How exactly does additional insulation save you money?

Attic insulation decreases the amount of energy your home needs by keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during hot San Antonio summers.  Resistance against the heat flow to ensure that the heated/cooled air remains inside your home and doesn’t escape through the ceiling or roof.

Inadequate insulation, gaps, and leaks in your home will cause your heating and cooling system to run longer and more often to maintain a set temperature in your home. As a result, your furnace or air conditioner will consume more energy leading to higher energy bills. Investing in proper attic insulation will save you money year after year and will pay for itself by lowering your heating and cooling costs. CALL IKE’S at (210) 680-1234 to receive assistance with your insulation in San Antonio.